Middle Eastern Menu


  • Kebbeh
    Raw Kebbeh mixed with spices
  • Tabouli
    Finely chopped parsley, spring onions, mint with olive oil & lemon
  • Mast
    Creamy yogurt with fresh cucumber and mint
  • Hommos
    Chic pea, Tahini, Comoons, Garlic and Lemon dip with olive & paprika dressing
  • Fried Bread
    Lebanese bread fried to perfection along with fresh bread
  • Baba Gannouj
    Baked eggplant puree
  • Lebneh
    Thick yogurt
  • Almonds
    Almond served on ice
  • Garden Salad
    Cheese, Olives, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato with Olive oil, Lemon & vinegar
  • Mixed nuts
    Dry plate of mixed nuts placed on each table 
  • Celery & Carrorts
    Placed on every table
  • Olive & Feta Cheese
    Black & Green Olives along with Feta Cheese placed on every table
  • Sea food Salad
    Placed on every table
  • Bread
    Your choice of Lebanese, Afghani, Iranian or Bread Rolls